I built and worked on these projects:


SaaS Application

A management website consisting of more than ten independent projects. As the main development of the project, the main maintenance personnel of the project maintain multiple projects at the same time under the intensity development plan of the one-week version of the iteration, develop branch management plans, task arrangements, and simultaneously implement and train new employees. Deploy the test environment, deploy the production environment, and optimize the deployment plan.

乾方位 P2P 金融项目

PC Website

Independently responsible for full project development, the old system uses PHP, and the backend front end needs to be migrated and developed using new technologies. The front-end aspect is responsible for the development of the PC system, using Node.js + EJS for server-side rendering (SSR), and using dubbo2.js to call the back-end RPC service interface to provide data.


Admin Website

The management backend project is developed using Vue + Element-UI, using Node.js + dubbo2.js to call the backend JAVA service through RPC to provide a data interface. The background project function implements various forms, table data display, user, role permissions, orders, management of various business modules, and uses Echart.js to implement chart functions.

蒸会炖 H5 在线点餐系统

Mobile Web Application

Mobile Web Application built with Vue.js. Implemented location search, order list, online ordering


Personal Project - Website

A fake Steam Store website built with jQuery and Node.js for learing purpose.

Big Canyon Studio

Personal Project - Website

Big Canyon Studio’s main website with Responsive Design using Bootstrap and jQuery.


March. 2019 ~ March. now

Frontend Web Developer, 厦门约约出行科技有限公司, Xiamen

  • Frontend web development
  • Project Lead

March. 2018 ~ March. 2019

Frontend Web Developer, 农大侠(厦门)信息技术有限公司, Xiamen

  • Frontend web development


  • Xiamen
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